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Established by two brothers, after years of tireless work and perseverance, the company created a brand for itself. From humble beginnings of pushcarts to launching products that have become synonymous with Hong Kong, the founders have come a long way. Its success and trade mark has become a model of Hong Kong enterprises. The company has established stringent parameters of quality and food selection. Professionals from all over the world with requisite degrees and certificates ensure that food procurement remains above reproach. Commitment to customer services through “freshness, quality, efficiency”, is the defining feature of the organization. They have established themselves as front end Brand in their city and have leveraged best practices to provide unparalleled services. Sustaining them throughout their journey from rags to riches have been their core values.


The Challenge


The task was to deliver the same customer services, food selection and brand name online as had been achieved in real life world. Customers should be able to make the same choices and buy products with the same ease and options as they would in a store.


The Result


The Website was developed keeping the full value of the brand name in sight. The ease of doing business and the simplicity of navigation were the driving factors behind the development. Full range of company’s products were on display and a link was added for quick online ordering. Developed with opencart, it is easy to use and content rich.