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Colma Education

Colma Education
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Colma Education is a novel enterprise as it aims to provide professional education in the sphere of funeral services. It is a new company which wants to make a name for itself in the academic sphere specializing in a particular sector. They seek to offer all cutting-edge knowledge, education and technology to arm the students of this particular stream with the best in class possibilities and potential. They continually seek to improve and upgrade their literature and technical know-how to offer their students the highest standards in education and facilitation. In Conjunction with organizations like ICCFA, MKJ marketing and Kates-Boyleston, they provide top notch content.


The Challenge


It was important to convey the gravity of education on offer. The site had to convey all the information that will make a potential student make his mind up about taking the stream. A perfect blend of information and interest had to be created to draw more visitors.

The Result


Developed on a Drupal based platform, the site provides a rich array of tools to enrich one on funeral studies. It offers the latest on funeral tech and conventions. It provides prospective students the best information they need to make up their minds. It includes a link to sign in and a link to register for courses.