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Long Dream

Long Dream
key features: 
: user can choose delivery location/ delivery slots #Log –in/ Registration #Shopping cart #Filters by name, brand #Minimizing/ maximizing quantity #Discount coupon code #Chat plug-in #Wish list #Secure payment gateway

Long Dream is a Hong Kong based E-Commerce store which offers a wide range of products for customer satisfaction. A user can search for items that he is looking for, browse by categories and find almost anything that he wants. From lighting to kitchen utensils one can find a wide variety of products. It is an E-Commerce platform that intends to be a composite solution provider for customer needs.


The Challenge


The Challenge was to build an E-Commerce site that was attractive, functional, captivating and interesting enough to bring more customers. The need was to develop a store which could be a one stop solution to all the requirements of the user.


The Result


A Magento based website, it is easy to navigate and smooth to operate. It transforms from page to page without a hitch and provides users with specifications to choose from. It is a dynamic and an interactive site which gives the host a multiple options and provides inputs based results.