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key features: 
Multiple Domain #Responsive #Multilingual

A very interesting and highly interactive portal for various mobile needs. It is a one stop solution for various features and uses that a mobile can be put to. Everything from games, videos, ringtones and wallpapers are available on the site for the users. Mobiworld as the word suggests is the world of mobiles and therefore provides everything that a mobile stands for. It is a platform for different mobile features.


The Challenge


The major task was to bring all the elements of a mobile together on one platform in a fashion which was both interesting and intriguing. The site had to be visually appealing and properly integrated to ensure an optimal solution to the client need.


The Result


A highly concise, compact, appealing and interesting website which brought to play all the features of a mobile phone in a highly lithe manner. The site was easy to use, smooth to navigate and had a very friendly user interface which allowed easy interaction and interplay. A highly condensed site which offered customer solution in an efficient and optimal manner.