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Mugen Power

Mugen Power
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Mugen power delivers high performance batteries with unmatched extended life above the industry standard. The Batteries are created through a rigorous process of quality control. Powered through a top class research and unparalleled endurance test, the batteries are made fit for exemplary performance. The salient feature of Mugen batteries is their extended run time which translates into customer delight. All efforts are made to ensure User safety through renowned professionals who work to press all parameters to reduce hazard while increasing effective functions. With certifications from CE and ROHS, they are set to grow by effectively leveraging their strengths – durability and operability.


The Challenge


The task was to build a site which was commiserate with Mugen brand name. The need was to build a site which displayed in a customer friendly manner the wide range of products and their comparative prices. A site which was informative yet engaging, functional yet attractive.


The Result


Developed on an opencart platform, the site brings the customer closer to the products and to the company. It offers a wide range of products in an appealing and user friendly manner and makes online shopping an easy and comfortable experience. While delivering on User friendliness, it is also informative on various products and keeps the customer up to date on several offers and sales.