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Intellestate is one stop solution to all your real estate financing deals. No matter what your requirement, and irrespective of what your need, if it is mortgage you want, whether on a new house or on an old one, you can rely on Intellestate. They collate and and deliver interest rates from all the lenders nationwide. It makes the job of making the choice very easy for the customer as he can compare all the competing bids or rates and can take the one that suits him best.


The Challenge


The task was to create a website which was easy to use, informative and dynamic. A site which provided users with a unique asset to find out and check rates and compare them against the best. It had to be appealing enough to attract new customers and engaging enough to retain old ones.


The Result


A Drupal based platform which provides the users with an unique feature of logging in through their Linkedin or Facebook account and see how they are connected to Lenders, who all have association with them, and find out which of their friends have done business with which Lender and what they have to say about them. This unique feature gives the user a powerful tool to find out more about the Lenders and learn more about the rates. The site is appealing and attractive and brings to bear all the qualities of an open source platform. The pages move seamlessly and updated dynamically.